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The Marvelous Garden

Part one

“I'm a little horse and I'm having a hard time.
It is difficult for me to carry my burden - one day I will throw it."
Nike Borzov "Horse"


The matrix of our life is increasingly suggestive of escape. A person strives to escape from prison, which is the hardships of everyday life. The works of this short cycle are united by the theme of desire for freedom. The possibility of achieving it is an open question.
In the work "But only horses fly with inspiration", the climax of the plot will come in a moment. The viewer has a split second to become an accomplice. When the ribbon is stretched, will the horse's flight stop? or will the man not be able to hold the reins? or maybe he will fly into the clouds with her?
The author offers the viewer art as a form of magical, fabulous escapism. Breaking the circle, the free spirit enters the ideal world - the world of ideas - which will be discussed in the second part of the exhibition.

Part Two

"What is Dead Cannot Die"
from the book "Feast of Vultures" by George R. R. Martin

The art world consists of disembodied ideas. Man does not exist in this ideal world, he does not create it, but only translates it. For this reason, the author deliberately avoids the presence of people in it. The objects of the image are sculptures, through which the artist reveals the subjects of eternity, harmony and pacification.
In small-sized still lifes - peace. Painting is static: there is no vibration of the air, evidence of a person or a dynamic perspective. The artist depicts simple-shaped objects in an ascetic palette.

Saturating the paintings with more detailed characteristics, the author offers the viewer paired "Still life with a paper boat" and "Still life with a shadow". Portraits of Peter the Great and Gogol are given through the image of their sculptural busts, created once by the artist's forerunner, the sculptor. The busts are painted in a neutral manner, and the heroes' characteristics are solved through the objects surrounding them. Despite the realism of the image, there is a surreal fleur in the paintings.

The culmination of the exhibition is the large-scale canvases "Under the Blue Sky" and "Garden of Stones". The triumph of the embodied ideal is conveyed through the classic technique of "animated sculpture". The silent loneliness of the hero, the eternal wisdom of the golden-maned lion - the greatness and consolation of the Marvelous Garden.


The gates of the Marvelous Garden do not open for everyone. About this works "Stella" and "Dedication of Ch.Bukowski." The perverted and ugly incarnation of the canon is expressed in a vicious and empty plastic dummy.